Create and configure a dashboard in PowerBI

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Power BI dashboards are single-page visualizations created in the Power BI service by pinning visuals from reports.

To add a visualization to a dashboard, you can "pin" it. This is like pinning a picture to a corkboard. To pin a visualization, open the report that contains the visualization in the Power BI service. Then, hover over the visualization you want to pin and click the pin icon.

Screenshot of the Pin visual button above a map.

You can select a destination dashboard for the visual from the drop-down menu or create a new dashboard. You can pin visualizations from multiple reports and pages to a single dashboard, allowing you to combine different datasets and sources into a single page of insights.

Screenshot of the Pin to dashboard dialog.

Dashboards can be customized with visualizations, such as charts, maps, images, and shapes. These visualizations are called "tiles" after they have been pinned to a dashboard.

Screenshot of the menu on the left side of the Power BI service showing a dashboard.

You can customize the layout of the visuals on a dashboard by resizing and moving them. To resize a tile, drag its edges. To move a tile, drag it to a new location. You can also change the title and subtitle of a tile by hovering over it and clicking the pencil icon.


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